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Golden Communications is an Internet, Cable and Telephone Provider. Servicing the areas of Mears, Stony Lake and Irons. It takes great pride in customer service and reliability. It offers reasonable rates and are continually dealing with new and innovative technology that makes us very competitive.


Golden Communications offers internet service inside the state of Michigan. Cable internet from Golden Communications is available to an estimated 7,000 people.


It is a Cable provider, which means they deliver service by using the cable television lines they are already rushing to your home. Regularly, you will get a cable modem or cable box from which you can connect your in home router.


What Factors Affect WiFi Speed and Performance



Distance from router – You may believe that a router in an unobstructed space ought to be able to connect to the internet easily, yet at larger distances this isn't the case. While the facts confirm that obstacles, for example, thick dividers weaken Wi-Fi connection speeds, it is additionally true that distance can be as a lot of problem for data transmission. In the event that you are attempting to connect in a big space, it may be a smart thought to invest in a secondary router or a sign booster.


Other networks around – An area with a large measure of different Wi-Fi networks may suffer from helpless sign strength because of the apparent multitude of clashing transmissions. This might be the case in large office buildings where your computer might be able to get signals from scores of competing networks.


Appliance interference – Did you realize your microwave could be making your internet moderate? That sounds strange, yet it tends to be the case sometimes that household appliances operating on the same frequency as your router could hinder your Wi-Fi. Check to see whether your connection is stronger when appliances, for example, cordless phones, microwaves, and security camera are off.


Bandwidth Hogging – Many people share their Wi-Fi with relatives, roommates, or colleagues, yet keep at the top of the priority list that their internet activities could be affecting your speed as well. On the off chance that someone on your Wi-Fi network is hoarding bandwidth by continually downloading or streaming, this could be a reason why your connection has slowed.


Golden Communications Speed Test


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