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How to Boost Your Upload Speed


To boost the upload speed, users need to clean the physical connections attached to routers, filters, and modem. These steps includes the sockets connected to the two ends of a cable. Update the routers’ firmware and device drivers to improve the router’s performance. Even these steps do not work, then call your ISP for other technical assistance.


Why Is My Upload Speed So Slow


Here are the steps of troubleshooting to speed-up your slow internet connection. On a standard conditions, every user is supposed to get at least a 1-2Mbps upload connection for a smooth file transfer. If you are getting the required speed, which you can check your Upload Speed Test at testmyinternetspeed.org then search out for virus issues and browser issue in your personal computer/laptop/ or devices. Scan you computer using anti-virus and re-install your web browsers.


Why Is The Upload Speed On The Internet Slower Than The Download


The telecommunication department, especially, the ISP providers provide high download speed to the users in comparison to the upload speed. It is very usual that users tend to download more than upload. Therefore, when you buy an internet package, you will always be provided with high download speed rather than upload speed. Moreover, high-speed Internet connections are generally asymmetric — henceforth, cable, modem, and filters are designed to supply much better speed for downloading compared to uploading.


What Is the Importance of Upload Speeds in High-Speed Internet


The upload speed is considered as the rate of data transferred from one physical device to the Internet storage. However, most internet providers set download speed at higher than upload due to the common behavior of internet users, which is to download information from the internet always. For example, users are more prone to download movies, songs, PDFs, and documents from the internet.


What Are Factors That Influence The Upload?


There are five factors influencing upload speed.  

  • Check the applications involved in data transfer processing
  • Check for the devices connected to internet connections
  • Check for the physical connection hooked to modem and router
  • Check for the viruses on the devices. Run anti-virus immediately
  • Check for the regional settings on the router

Once all the factors are checked, run the Upload Speed Test at testmyinternetspeed.org now!